How an English assignment changed how I see the World

How did an English assignment change how I thought about life?

After completing an assignment in my senior English class, my perspective on life changed. The assignment was simple, Present to the class five things you know and five things you want to know. In the beginning I had thought all i’d need to do was fill in the blanks and get a good grade. I asked myself, what are five things I want to know, and I eventually found myself wanting to know the purpose of life. Before the assignment, I wasn’t even ready to answer such a deep question The purpose of life? I was just worried about making it to class on time. Its a frightening thought to have when you realize you don’t know why you’re alive, On top of being only seven months away from going off to college to spend four years and thousands of dollars learning.

What I learned.

This assignment opened up a window for me to peer into my future and it allowed me to realize that life is all about learning new things and meeting new people. I realized that there’s no set purpose for anyone. You have to make your own story by learning new things and passing on what you know to others.