How ten minutes of reading can turn you into an avid reader

Ten minutes of reading a day may be all it takes to turn you to an avid reader. The human brain acts very similarly to a muscle, the more you train it the stronger it gets. Sadly in today’s day and age everything seems to be angled towards relaxing your brain and letting you activate what is essentially an autopilot. According to an article published in the New York Times “The brain, it seems, does not make much of a distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it in real life” This means that when you read, your brain thinks what you are reading is actually happening. This process allows your brain to create new neural pathways and to re activate old ones. Essentially meaning that reading lets your brain grow and self repair.

“The human brain acts very similarly to a muscle, the more you train it the stronger it gets.”

But how does just ten minutes of reading give your brain enough time to go through the processes of healing and growing? The trick can be comparable to watching a movie preview. When you’re sitting watching a preview, your brain naturally will try to figure out the plot and what is going to happen in the movie. Many times this entices the viewer into thinking about and eventually seeing the movie. The Ten minutes of reading strategy acts in a very similar way, allowing just enough time for your brain to “get into” the world of your book before the timer goes off. This will hopefully leave you hungry for more and encourage you to read later. In an article published by a school teacher he stated “When I ask them what made the biggest difference they tell me that the 10 minutes made them into readers.” This clearly shows from a first hand experience that (at least for kids) ten minutes of mandatory reading a day can be a huge contributor to your reading skills.


In the same article there is an entire section about how this strategy will only work if you have a good book. This cannot be understated because the entire theory of Ten minutes of reading hinges on the fact that you become interested in your book in the ten minutes. If you have absolutely no interest in your book, there is no known method that will make you like it. This method relies on the given that you will like your book. The teacher states that the single most important part of this idea is to have a good library.

Many of my classmates were weary about the idea of ten minutes of reading, and how much good it could actually do. So, over thanksgiving break I challenged myself to read ten minutes a day, and surprisingly I found myself reading progressively more and more until the point where on Sunday I had read an hour and a half simply because I wanted to. In the end of my small “study” I realized that the ten minutes of reading was simply a stepping stone to allow you to advance into reading more and more on your own. In a twist of irony, the end goal of reading “Just ten minutes a day” is to read way more than just ten minutes a day.

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